Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poem about the new atheists

I found it fun to write this poem.

The Adventures of Don Sam Harris

Don Sam Harris and his merry band of atheists
went out to battle the windmills of faith.
"Sir Dawkins, Sir Hitchens, Sir Dennett let us
go forth and fight dragons of mankind. We
will lead man to a new golden age, free
from intolerant fools of religion. To those clowns
of bygone beliefs, we will teach to be free,
and if they reject us, we shall lock them
up as child abusers. Such is our mission
of enlightenment."

On went the shield of reason, strapped to the bottom
their feet, making it hard to walk or ride. On went
the sword of science, strapped to their bosom chest,
poking them as the moved. They grabbed the helmet
of condescending righteousness to swing wildly
at their enemies, the windmills, shouting,
"Die, Dragons, die!! You have blown too much fire
at us." Yea, did they find followers
as the land was full of fear. The band spoke,
and declared, "We will say to all
who believe not as we, 'You are delusional, victims
of vile mental disease, and knowers not of reason.'"

So, they went onward into the promised land
of New York Time's bestseller lists. They found
places to speak on talk shows, on cable TV,
and Youtube, though they stumble as their shield
of reason is hard to walk on, for it was made
for other uses. If any who saw their stumble,
and pointed this out, Don Sam Harris cried,
"Persecutor, you dare question our evidence.
You have shown to be a fool, or worse
a religious moderate. Why attack us? Do you
fear reason?"

And Don Harris and his band
grew rich with websites, debates and conferences.
But unhappy they were, as the world continued
to prayed, and believed as before. To the fact
that most people of faith did not do
evil as predicted, the band of atheists
said, "They know not what they believe,
as if they did, they would kill and be evil
for religion is evil, pure and simple."

They continue to fling around their helmets
of condescension even unto this day
The windmills, powered by the wind
keep turning, unaware of being thought
as being dragons. Oh, to return
to the land of bestsellers, maybe Sir
Dawkins, as he writes his Children books,
or Don Sam Harris and his Reason
Project. Oh where, oh where are you
Sancho Panza? When will our bellies be full?

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