Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Wife's birthday, Lectio Devina, and waiting

Next Sunday is my wife's birthday. I love my wife's birthday as I am reminded to celebrate her existence beyond any accomplishments. We can rejoice in her being alive. In my time of prayer, I meditated on the nature of waiting. I had paused on the words in Hebrews 9.28. Those who wait on the Lord made itself home in my mind. I kept thinking about God and time. My wife and I took our time to get to the altar. Couples met, married and had children before we finally traded vows. We did get there and declared our love before our community and our God. I remember the day, my joy, the way my wife looked as she walk down the isle, the car ride in a friend's '72 Cadillac. It took us to four years to get there.

In the first part of the verse, Jesus comes a first time for our sin and then he comes a second time for our salvation. I think that this is also a pattern or structure of life. First, we must confront our sin, pick up our cross, look hard at our own nastiness. Next comes our salvation, or joy. I had to wait to be in our day of celebration., because of some unresolved sin. Jesus purifies in a hot fire. Now, I have a son. What I am to say about waiting? I have been waiting all of my life for my family. I have been waiting for all my life for the abundant life. I have been waiting for all my life for Salvation.

Hebrews 9.28 made me think that waiting on the Lord is accepting what is here in present in full anticipation of the promised future. I wait as I am in the presence of my life with my son and wife as I wait. I am in the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Being in God's presence is Salvation. Salvation is being connected to God and life. Come, Lord Jesus come.

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