Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Freedom One tweet at a time: Iran and the fight for freedom

Freedom, the word calls out into the dark night of man's soul. Like the thousands fighting for their freedom in Iran today, freedom makes men demand truth, truth despite being misled in cloak of lies, truth in having their lives honored. They are now using the tools of twitter, blogs, and Facebook. They are gathering one tweet at a time. What is the freedom they are fighting for?

As said in the my last post, freedom tied to ones desires actually enslaves us. Then what frees us? The road to freedom begins with love and respecting the dignity of the other. When the government of Iran, feeling they were going to lose control, betrayed what they said they believe and made a sham of the elections with voter scams, they violated the integrity of the people, and are now paying the price; the price will be paid even if they crack down on the protesters. If they hold on to power, they do so only out of fear and blindness. They will fail. For to base power on fear corrupts the soul, draining life out of man. Dictators may hold onto power, but they do so only by being warped beyond being human.

I understand the current struggle through my own faith. There is a reason why Jesus refused political power, real power finds expression in the transformation of the spirit of man. He is about changing the heart of man, not the controlling of man. Christian freedom comes from living life in love and with a purpose. The Great Commission is a gift, because it gives us meaning, insight, and purpose to our lives. We have read it as a chore to perform, and yet what does it call us to do, but love our fellow humans in the name of Jesus, making us closer to God and our fellow human beings. Is it not a gift to live a life full of love. Support those who are rising up against the tyrants by honoring them. Here is a good resource for help online.

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