Thursday, June 4, 2009

Faith, righteousness, and human condition

Faith, indeed, makes a man; a man mirrors where he directs his faith. Most often man wants to be right and have his faith in being right. He then attaches his rightness to God, peace, freedom, science or his favorite football team. Make no mistake, his faith is in his being right, and not in what he proclaims as his faith. He loves himself and could care less about God, peace, freedom, science or his favorite football team. Does this faith constitute the human condition? Man capacity for self-delusion springs from his desires to be right; call this the human condition. Call it sin. Call it inauthenticity. Call it living. None of us are beyond justifying, beyond blinding ourselves with our own opinions. To be a true Christian is to be intimate with this weakness; a weakness brought out by pretending to be God.

Faith in a loving God then forces to see our own delusions for what they are, delusions. Faith in our own rightness kills us, and as rightness manifests itself in hate, it acts out violently toward the other, if the other challenges our rightness. Faith in God calls us to confront our own nastiness and transend it. If prayer simple affirms ones thoughts, then it lacks what it needs to be prayer, and becomes vainglory. One who prays and is never challenged, is praying to oneself, a good way to avoid God. Prayer to Jesus illuminates the fact we have left people in our lives unforgiven, that we do not love our neighbor and enemy. Do unto others and then spilt is funny because it reveals the truth of man. Man loves to be right.

The reality is that most of us lack faith in what we profess and have more faith in ourselves. I am certainly guilty of this, and need to transend my own vainglory.

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