Thursday, April 2, 2009

Structure of Life, Poem and the birth of my Child

On March 27th came Ernesto Tinajero II

Welcome friend of expectant joy,
Like a seed in the earth bearing
bearing sprouts bearing trees
bearing peaches carrying pits when planted
bear new life. And so on.
And so on.
What you brought us is the unimaginable.
You have taught us is the structure
of life is the Cross: Anticipation,
suffering and then new life.
The smell of you mingles with the smell
of us and fills us with the most unique
and common experience of life.
You came two weeks early
and right on time. To make us happy,
you came with two eyes, two feet, two hands,
and hair. We are left speechless.


B-W said...

Woo, hoo! Congratulations!

RJ said...

How precious and awesome: thank you for sharing your blessing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you. What joy! Thanks for the poetry.

twocents said...

Thanks for posting pictures. He's beautiful!

William Tirta said...

Hey, Congratulations to you. i am happy for you ^^

Anonymous said...

Coongratualtions! What a beautiful family & the poem touched my heart!

Your new Friend, Marge
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