Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poem, Jesus and new life

The Power of a Newborn

The utility of a baby comes
into question. We who value
success, medals and honors,
What does a week old
infant offer. A glimpse of God
comes only from perfection, or
so we think. Therefore we are

sure to chase gold, money
and things we hope will give us
the world. Moving to the future
or chewing on the old gum
of the past, we walk on tiny
imaginations and to the path
regretting our led life. And

yet God chose to begin
the Easter trail as an infant.
A baby lights up a room,
because they are closer
to the source of life, coming
through the pains and groans
into the sun. After a week of life

my new son comes to his
first Palm Sunday. Triumphant
he entered our lives, and
our temptation is to forget
the daily bread, daily feedings
the hourly poops, and speculate
as to his future. Today, only Hoshana.

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