Friday, January 2, 2009

Wonder and the spirtual life

Here are some random thoughts after listening to this week’s Speaking of Faith about the Spiritual life of Children. Krista Tippet does a great job of making you wonder about our world. I kept thinking about how much wonder plays in spiritual life. Adults start to lose their wonder about existence. Most adults by early twenties have lost most of their questioning about life. Why? When we say that someone has become jaded are we really saying that that person has lost the capacity to wonder. Wonder is the application of imagination to questions. Where the adult loses wonder is in the loss of questions. We are too full of answers to have any room for questions. If fact that is why we get so easily annoyed by the questions of children. They quickly reminds us how small our knowledge and wisdom really is. The parables of Jesus really are an attempt to recapture in the Adult the sense of wonder that faith should provide. They are provocative because they leave us with questions. After reading the serious of parables about what the Kingdom of God is like in Matt 13-16 I am always left more in question then in answers. And as I look at from the outside, I realizes that my state of being is wonder.

Once when I was about twenty or so, and my nephew, go was five at the time, we were traveling in a car, when he lit-up with eyes the rivaled the car tires and said, “Wow, look!”

“What,” I responded

“Cows” He said about a herd a cows next to the road. I thought at first so what, and then I realized he was right. The Cows on the side of the road as a cause for wonder, as was a young boy gripped by wonder. Wonder is both a form of prayer and a spiritual disciple.


Bruce said...

Good point! Being flexible and adaptable in one's opinions and outlook is an important life skill, and perhaps it all starts with a sense of wonder, to look at the world as a child.

Tito Tinajero said...

Thanks Bruce, I think your right that wonder is a key to being flexible. I have to meditate on that some more.