Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sin and the Markets: Another Frightening Show About the Economy

These are crazy times. The Markets are imploding and their looks like hard times ahead. The question is how did we get here? Being a Christian, I understand the problem in terms of my faith.
Listening to This American Life (It was a very good a explaining the greed that us in this mess) last night, the Spirit prompt me into seeing the problem has been what 1 Tim 6.10 always warned us about that the "love" of money is the root of evil. We have see a loss of one of the founding principle of this country. We are all taught the notion of Checks and Balance in civics class or High School. Government works best when you split up power. What most people are unaware of is that it is based on the Presbyterian Church, which in turn derived it from Christian Anthropology. Christian understand the all humans are sinners and as such we always need to watch over each others shoulders. The Market philosophy of trust in greed and self-interest to do the job of self regulation is anti-Christian. Does that mean I advocate a socialism. Of course not, for the same reason, you can't trust Government because it is full of Sinners. You can't trust Markets because it is also full of sinners, as the headlines are now making all to obvious. We have to set up a series of Checks and Balances because the markets will follow the way of any institution and become corrupt.

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