Thursday, October 2, 2008

Psalm and Spirituality

Here is a psalm I wrote for a class on Tanak (The old testement) Spirituality
Such an Account of My Soul in Time…
Lord, I have been hurt
I need to hide, need to cover my face
from the others. To hide this hurt for I fear
and I am ashamed. To be with you
is too painful. I hide from you.
Come into my being. Protect me
from the good intentions of others.
come to the place

of your hurt child, your servant.
I am mad at you
Why have you not broken through
to their hearts that oozes out blood of hate,
pointing fingers at me as I point
at them. I join them in the wasteland
of wild shrubs, afraid. Where
in hell can we go? Punching each other
in the underbrush.

I need you to seek
me. I need to be told. I need to be
untold—past my blackness. In the
dark places, it hurts
more, but fear of comfort, fear of power,
fear of my own weakness conceals my
right and my wrong, keeping me. Lord,
Cradle me in your damaged palms
lullaby me to peace, stay by my side,
keep me save don’t go, don’t you go,
find me, call me back
to your new singing in others. Lord,

take my bruised blue hand from under
the wild black rose undergrowth. Call me to your lap,
from I am too weak. May the grace of your gestures cross
and offer me a place back in the light of your sun, your
again. Your are my only hope

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