Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jesus represents the true Power

The power of Love
  • God as the God of Genesis-Power as the power of Creation
  • God as the God of Exodus-Power as the power of Freedom
  • God as the God of the Cross-Power as the power of Reconciliation
Two days ago, I preached on Matt 22:15-32. I wish I would have been able to preach after last night. Last night I was privileged to be invited by Rabbi David D’Auria to attend a Sukkot service at Kehilat HaMashiach. I am grateful to Rabbi David, and the rest of Messianic synagogue of Spokane for a better understanding of power and Jesus. I my sermon, I made the point that Jesus viewed power differently from those who aimed to trap him. Jesus distunguished between the power of Ceasar and God. Looking at the trap, The power of Ceasar is the powers of Reputation, Ecomonic, and Politcal. God's power is the power of Creation, Freedom, and Reconcilation, as seen by the Scripture. What I learned by the worship, dancing and joy of last night was that God's presence sustances us. Freedom comes from love. The warm congregation swarmed us and made us welcomed, as our church does every Sunday.

It is in community that life is at its fullest. Yet, one cannot know this until one experiences community. I realize many of the people I talk to (including the Objectivist I have communicated) with recently have never experienced it. That is sad. When we stood under the homemade Sukkot and experienced the power of the L-rd, and when our church has rallyed around us, I experienced the power that comes when two or more gather in Jesus name, he is there. When I have help others in my community, I have also felt the glory of Grace. The etymology of the word Freedom comes from a system of words that mean love, friendship, and peace. These words that are relational. The difference between mobs, groups, crowds with community.

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