Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Christian respone to the market's meltdown

Jesus offers us away out of the madness. We Christians have forgotten that we are not to be comfortable with this fallen world. If the heat on Wall Street the last week and the Christian response has proved anything, it is how much Christians in America have turn away from our classical theology and gone to one formed more by Adam Smith and the promise of Wealth. I have heard in the past day that the problem was caused by the banks being forced give mortgages to the poor who are irresponsible. So, these voices say, the problem is the poor.

The prosperty Gospel both in its obvious and sublte forms are not the Gospel of Jesus. Christ was and is about the freeing the world from its oppression spiritual and econmic. Jesus calls us today to repent and turn back to him. We have witness the how deep human sin in this grand Ponzi scheme that has been the financial world in the last four or five years. Yet, it looks like the banks, Hedge Funds, and the large financial institutions were selling to each other the same insurance securities over and over. They insured to the tune of $45 tillion dollars assest worth about 4.4 trillion. They created a pile of false money that was only a matter of time before it collapsed taking all of us with them. 1 Tim 6.10 and the Bible again prove to be write. As Christians, we have to repent, pray, and get into action.

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