Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ayn Rand and the missing sense

A parable about Ayn Rand.

Once there was an artist, who lacked the sense of smell. She loved the look of red onions. Soon, she would start making beautiful coats out of the onions. She would step back and admired her work. How beautiful, she would claim.

"Only a fool could not see how great a work of art I have created." She said.

She took her work to the market place. Most who saw her coat, quickly left as they could not stand the smell. Angry at them, she would yell at them yjay they were fools lacking artistic and rational understanding. Soon, she gathered a small group of disciples who also lack the sense of smell. No matter how much people kept tell them her work reeks, they would wrap themselves in her coats of red onions and their anger. They became angrier and angrier. Everyone who can see the beauty are fools.

"Fools, fools, fools." They would chant. "Why won't see the masterpiece of coats?"

Since they would not listen to anyone but themselves, they could never understand why most people could not stand the beautiful coats. They were left alone with their coats. The artist never understood why most held their noses when they are around her coats.

What is the lack of sense: A is A, a hatred of Altruism and Compassion, and finally misunderstanding of Freedom. Freedom is more the freedom from... it is freedom to...

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