Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vengeance is mine, says The Lord

Yesterday, I was listening to This American Life The program was about how certain three Americans took it upon themselves to take revenge against a Nigerian email scammer. They led the Nigerian into a Chad by luring him with the promise of money. They help strand him there. What was most disturbing about their account was the pleasure they took in torturing the scammer. They almost had the scammer go into the Western Union office with a note that was antimuslim and could have led to their death. It was evil. Evil in that they enjoyed the torture, and their justification of waiting to do justice rang false. Like a boy pulling off the wings of a bug for the jolley of watching it suffering, the three laughed at pain of another. When they were asked about whether it was cruel, they always justified their actions by saying the scammer brought it upon himself. It made think about Jesus' asking us to forgive and love our enemies. It is too easy to become a monster.

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