Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pregnancy, Ultrasounds and love.

Last night, I saw the first pictures of our child forming. I though about the future, my child and Jesus. At one point, we all looked like that inch long being on the way to birth, including God incarnate. G0d started moving into our world to be with us as a group of cells. The future of how this child will move through the world is a mystery. It is when we let the mystery of life penetrate deep with our being that it changes us and forms us. Faith is also allowing the mystery touch us deeply at our core. When we try to control the mystery, we fall into the temptation of the first sin of trying to be like God without understanding God is love. Picking up my cross is picking up my weaknesses and vulnerablities and allowing love to form me. I have to go for now and here is a poem about being at the beginning of my marriage. It is about eternity:

The Collapse of Time, or How Eternity Exists in the First Year

A quiet illumination happens
within the waking, the walking
to errands, to our workouts, to the listening
to the radio, to our working
at different jobs and our speaking
at lunchtime. and always
the silence of sleeping
through the darkness
in a large bed we bought
together. We are newlyweds,
which means we explore
each other’s glossaries
and our mutual meanings. Moving
pass the bathroom as you
dry your hair, I hear you
ask a question. I answer,
and wash the dishes. You
tether the king sheets
and comforter (a wedding
gift) to our large mattress
each morning as I am on a bus
heading toward my current
position. Love, outside
our apartment there is two pools,
a clubhouse, and barbeque grills.
We live on the third floor,
and from our upper room,
we can view the colors
of the sky changing
during the different
parts of the day.
We dream and plan
for our own house. Our
loose ends are being
knitted into a elastic rope.

I see

we are being rooted
in black soil. There are
buds forming between
us, which makefor sweet fruit.

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