Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pregnancy, heartbeat, and Life

Then we became aware of our child's heartbeat. Lace had her first ultrasound today. She got to see the rapid heartbeat of our child within her. As she told me, I felt the sweep of Joy overcome me. Joy differs from happiness as Joy is rooted life. Unlike happiness, generated out circumstances, Joy meets us in the experience of life when it is at most profound. A job promotion may make you happy, but life noticed, whether it is a child playing, a smile given, or love recognized, joy meets us with the beauty of life.

I have been rereading Jurgen Moltmann's The Spirit of Life: A Universal Affirmation. His book on the Holy Spirit has had a profound influence on my faith and how I look see my faith. In the section I read last night, he made the case that an experience has to find expression to be fully realized. When Lace told me her experience of her first ultrasound, I found her expression of joy contagious. I write to express my joy in learning of a heartbeat.

Pregnancy Post

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B-W said...

Oooh! Sounds like congratulations are in order! How have you and Lace been? (Mark Baker-Wright)