Thursday, September 4, 2008

Love and being alive

Reading Moltmann's The Spirit of Life: A Universal Affirmation

The Spirit of Life: A Universal Affirmation

has given me a perspective on experience and methodology. Moltmann argues that the scientific method values repeatability and leaves unique experience undervalued. Yet, it is the experiences that are unique that are the ones that transform us. I understand as I experience the pregnancy of my wife. I feel different from just a few weeks since we found out. My thoughts move myself and onto the child forming and soon to breath on this earth. The title of Moltmann's bool speak to me. The spirit of life is the universal affirmation. Just like Jesus affirms life with his blood. The poem for today:

When the Word Spoke No Words
... but this man has done nothing wrong.
-Luke 23.41

I find a rest in your calm, in your presence
and in the listening you provide. Beloved God,
I recover in the bed of your quiet silence. Where?
Missing? You? The warmth of you piercing

questions nail me and I dream past my enigmas. I
lay down in your innocence. You give the afternoon
sun to my sleep. You give me air to breath. Your ans-
wers I receive and know dignity. What is your secret?

What ancient present text can I read to retrieve
you? Beloved, I feel my broken body repairing it-
self, feeling my heart slowing its pounding, my blood

moving in new paths. Your balm is working. My con-
versation moves with a reborn wind of clarity. I am
awakened to know the vastness of my unknowing...You

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