Monday, September 15, 2008

Faith, Love and the Way

Faith makes us. One of the weaknesses of the Enlightenment comes from identifying belief with agreement to a set of propositions. Pray the sinner’s prayer and heaven is yours. This creates a crack from ones ideas and being. Most of us know a person who says one thing and lives by another. The frightening feature of their way of life turns up when you realize they see no contradiction. They have the right answers. Answers imprison them in false confidence, a prison that puts trust not in Jesus, but in their ability to give answers. Humanity’s perchance for self-delusion is our history. We find no peace.

No one can love Jesus and hate another. The love of Jesus when it floods ones being, leaves no room for anything other than his peace. Many moralists have held this criticism of Christianity that questions a Faith based on forgiveness. How can you stand up to evil if you are always excusing the others evil way? They miss the nuanced view of Christianity. Christians go beyond condemnation and believe in radical transformation. Paul gave us the yardstick to evaluate another’s faith and it had to do in how one lives one’s life. The nine fruits of the spirit are ways of being, which go beyond ideas. Jesus’ love touch us and makes go beyond ourselves and we enter the Kingdom of God.

The early church was known as the Way, where the Way meant a particular way of living. The way was following Jesus. We told to be known by our love, and not our answers. For Jesus, faith involved turning away for your present direction (repent), and following him to new place of love (Kingdom of God). God’s love transforming, and as a believer, we open ourselves to experience of true peace

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