Thursday, September 11, 2008

Agape and Awareness

“Do you know him?” The question posed by a stranger sitting next to me at the beginning of a long flight back to Pasadena. It was about to become an even longer flight. I knew the “him” the stranger was referring to, Jesus. He was dressed in a gray business suit and was at the dawn of his middle ages. His suit was neither cheap polyester nor expensive hand tailored, but one purchased in a department store. We were on coach so I figured he was a middle manager on a business trip. He had an air of the middle about him. We were coming from Denver, so I pegged him for a Promise Keeper doing his duty by evangelizing me, or anyone who happen to sit next to him. I was fresh meat. He gave me a track, which showed two pictures. One half show the word, self at the center, and the other had the cross at the center. Then I told him I am believer, and I was attending Fuller Seminary. He seemed disappointed. I wanted to gather in Jesus name, and he was convert hunting. Evangelism was to be more than convincing.

I remembered this story, as I was talking to a friend. She was concern about the direction of politics in our country. In course of our conversation, I shared my faith. She asked me what Agape meant as she had friends sign an email with it. Agape was a mystery for her, as it is to many people including me. She and her husband are such a loving parents that I explained it through my experiences of them as parents. Evangelism has to be more than convert hunting; evangelism has to be about befriending and being aware of others within Christ. It has to about Agape.

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