Saturday, August 30, 2008

Theology and Pregnancy

When we ponder the miracle of incarnation, we usually focus in the birth. Christmas comes and we think of the vulnerability of God as a baby. Yet, God chose the process of pregnancy before. Did Mary have morning sickness. As the Jesus grew inside her, did she bond, and fear for what was to come. God chose vulnerability before the birth. It seems that love begins with the risk of vulnerability. God chooses to come and live among us. Lace once got down to play with her niece Mary, when Mary was still a baby. Lace took on vulnerability to enter Mary's world and enter love. Here is the poem I wrote:

Aunt Lace teaches Mary

You play and I find a window
into your life. Your new niece,
yet to celebrate her first birthday,
loves you as you teach her to crawl.
Your sister. Beth, annoyed at your attempt,
Asks “Will you be the one

to chase her as she runs about the house?”
The doors into the rest if the house,
As the sisters talk, are open.
Mary learns to say book. The questions
about the Bible come. Our people
know your transformation. New birth of Mary
fills the house with promises. Future fades
in the present crying of a little girl. Lace,

the baby you were shines through as you crawl,
teaching Mary. Life exploded into the world
with love. Carefully you hold her, and a year
will become years, and our children will come.
Mary looks at into an eternity,
and we see the miracle of weakness.

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