Friday, August 29, 2008

Life and Poetry

Just wanted to post another poem. Thinking about my wife and my child makes my soul sing. Yes, I can follow the rules and form for a sonnet.

Choosing Food
To My Wife

Suddenly, I am free. Love, your vibrating
joy at eating French chocolate, laughing
at the our conversation’s ingredients, shaking
at my slow humor, keeps us migrating

toward a new future. We cook stir-fry to-
gether. We eat bread together. We look
for God together. With our plates, we do
fill our needs to be known, and the book

of life breaks our old fears. We eat on your floor,
drinking our memories, digesting our story,
building fiber of our love. Finding a summery
to all of the present instant, we discover more

solid base. The eternal treasure encountersus in the image of God, creating love’s contours

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