Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Faith and poetry

More on poetry and faith-Faith has been constructed out of proposial truth since the Decarte and any other truth has been devalued. Faith has to find a way into someones daily life or it is not faith but aggreement. Is Jesus Lord? To say yes and then operate as if the answer was irrelevant really becomes a no. I have always love the sory of the woman at the well in John 4. For her, faith began as conversation with a stranger, Jesus. She then contiued the converstaion with her nieghbors. Faith starts with Jesus and moves into our lives as we share what he begun in us. Another Poem:

The Importance of Blessing a Meal
A variation on a theme of Denise Levertov’s Primary Wonders

The power of attention is in the mystery of soft
chocolate ice cream. I will share with you
my day. Brightening to the strong light
of the restaurant, my eyes imagine the child
you were. Imagining Jesus might
come to us today, I find I have
forgotten for days on end
the power of love. I failed
to give careful study. God,
I now hear as a parent
of a newborn—awaking
at the smallest sound.
The Holy
meets me, calling me
to listen to you.
I am funneling down
to the source
of life—
the …


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